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Precision Step Gauge (Dented blocks)
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Features :
Precision Step Gauge may also be known as master gauge block set, standard reference bars, check master ,or as calibration master. They are named so because it has the ultimate accuracy and is used as the standardised artifact.
To calibrate a Co-ordinate Measuring Machine with a laser interferometer is time consuming and costly.
Precision Step Gauge provides a cheap and effective way of assessing the performance of a Co-ordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) for a length measuring task. It has been proved highly informative for calibrating the length measurement uncertainty of CMM. Precision Step Gauge ANYI-Step requires short time for preparation and measurement.
ANYI-Step is not only an ideal mechanical reference artifact for calibration, monitoring and traceability of CMMs, but also for machine tools, maching centers and height gauges.
Nominal lenght from 300 mm up to maximal 1000 mm.
Special lengths upon enquiry.
20 mm increments.(customized increments upon enquiry)
Steel gauge blocks, carbide gauge blocks and ceramic gauge blocks are optional.

  Specifications :
 Limit Error Parallellism of Block
 ±1.2μm(0<Measuring Range≤300mm) 1μm(0<Measuring Range≤300mm)
 ±1.8μm(300<Measuring Range≤600mm) 1.5μm(300<Measuring Range≤1000mm)
 ±2.5μm(600<Measuring Range≤1000mm)  

Measuring Range Order No. Type General Step
300mm 021-1030 Ceramic 30mm
400mm 021-1040 30mm
500mm 021-1050 30mm
600mm 021-1060 30mm
800mm 021-1080 30mm
1000mm 021-1100 30mm
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