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Titanium Coated Digital Calipers
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Features :
Most people may think that tungsten carbide is harder than TiN or TiAlN coating. But in fact, TiN or TiAlN coating is much harder than tungsten carbide. The hardness of tungsten steel is HV1350, while TiN is HV2300 and TiAlN coating is HV3200.

    Titanium coating the complete surface of caliper,such as the front and rear master bar, the jaws… makes the caliper protected thoroughly,which significantly increases the performace of antirust and wear resistance and prolongs its working life.Therefore complete titanium coated electronic caliper is promising and cost-effective.
    Slide caliper, as a common measuring tool, its inside and outside measuring faces are worn gradually because of frequent use.The worn measuring faces lessen the measurement accuracy.In order to improve the performace of slide caliper, tungsten carbide is welded on the jaws. Tungsten carbide is so brittle that the tungsten carbide tipped jaws are easily broken when bumped during use, which hinders its popularization.
     Not very long ago, there appeared in the markets the slide caliper coated with titanium on the upside and underside of master bar.But other important contact surfaces, such as the measuring surfaces,the slider’s surfaces where the master bar contacts, the step measuring faces and the depth measuring faces,etc., remain uncoated.Such slide caliper still can’t significantly improve the performance of antirust and wear resistance for all its surfaces.
    By using an innovative method, complete titanium coated electronic caliper has its master bar and all its measuring faces coated with TiN or TiAlN, which  increases the wear resistance several times.
  Specifications :
  Measuring Range Order No. Resolution Limit Error
  0-150mm(0-6")  111-101T 0.01mm(.0005") 0.02mm
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