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Brief introduction for Anyi- Step

 Nomenclature and Definitions (See figure below)

1.End face      2.End base      3.Gauge block     4.Body
5.Cover    6.Bottom    7.Working Surface 0    8.Scales

    ANYI-Step has standard gauge blocks aligned and mounted in the groove of body. The combination of the working surfaces of its gauge blocks can provide standard lengths of uni-direction and bi-direction.

    Gauge blocks are common mechanical reference artefacts of length. A gauge block can provide only one standard value. Its very difficult and inefficient to calibrate the linear continious positioning accuracy of guide rail of machine tools, CMMs and height gauges with gauge blocks of different lengths. Its more difficult to calibrate the error of each position, especially when the erros are in non- linear changes. Its convenient and reliable for Anyi-Step to calibrate continuously due to its series of length dimensions which are of same sides and opposite sides.
    Calibrated by National Institute of Metrology (NIM), the limit erro and parallelism of the 1000mm Anyi-Step (serial no.: FE31001) is 0.6m and 0.4m. The 600mm Anyi-Step (serial no.: AY001) was calibrated by NIM in two years and the calibration report shows Anyi-Step has outstanding stability which is less than 0.1m. Anyi-step has ranked among the best step gauges in the world.


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